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meditation as embodied prayer and evolving consciousness
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Buddhist/Eastern - Practice Manuals by Insight Meditation Teachers (Lay Teachers)

Only one title for each teacher usually listed. Other writings by the teachers are also recommended. These manuals are intended for deepening practice by offering additional instructional guidance that you can follow in your own time, reading in small segments, savoring and digesting as you slowly proceed.

Boorstein, Sylvia. Pay Attention, for Goodness' Sake : The Buddhist Path of Kindness.
Brach, Tara. Radical Acceptance : Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha.
Feldman, Christina. Principles of Meditation.
Fronsdal, Gil. The Issue at Hand: Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice.
Harrison, Gavin. In the Lap of the Buddha.
Kornfield, Jack. Teachings of the Buddha (Shambhala Library), rev. ed.
Kramer, Greg. Meditating Together, Speaking from Silence: The Practice of Insight Dialogue.
Levine, Stephen. A Gradual Awakening.
Levine, Stephen. A Year to Live : How to Live This Year as If It Were Your Last.
Macy, Joanna. World as Lover, World as Self.
Meadow, Mary Jo. Gentling The Heart : Buddhist LovingKindness Practice for Christians.
Nisker, Wes. Buddha's Nature : A Practical Guide to Enlightenment Through Evolution.
Rosenberg, Larry. Breath by Breath : The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation .
Salzberg, Sharon. Lovingkindness : The Revolutionary Art of Happiness (Shambhala Library).
Smith, Rodney. Lessons From the Dying.
Titmuss, Christopher. Light on Enlightenment: Revolutionary Teachings on the Inner Life.
Weisman, Arinna, and Jean Smith. The Beginner's Guide to Insight Meditation.