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meditation as embodied prayer and evolving consciousness
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Recommendations for a meditation practice that enhances our evolutionary process :

  • Yearly retreat attendance to help you become deeply intimate with your own mind.
  • Daily sittings to maintain and foster direct contact and immediate with experience.
  • Intentional integration of learning from these into all elements of your life.

We offer retreats, beginning instruction (on line and in various locations), and ongoing opportunities for deepening and enriching your experience.

Requesting Retreats
Mary and/or her students are available for teaching retreats. Our retreats include the following formats:

  • daylong
  • weekend non-residntial or urban retreat (folks go home at night, maybe even for meals).
  • residential weekend retreat (hotel, B&B, other)
  • residential retreat of four to ten days
  • Attend an Insight and Mindfulness course or a Weekend Retreat.
Retreats are designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced students. We do this because retreats are so important. Attending a retreat, even a short retreat, results in mind and brain change of a different kind than those gained in daily practice, significant changes that require dedicated time. Attend any of these as an introduction to practice or attend repeated retreats for a gradual deepening of your practice and Deepening experiential knowledge.