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meditation as embodied prayer and evolving consciousness
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The Philosophy/The Dharma

When we understand experientially the truth of insubstantiality, we can open to the radiance of life, a radiance that is not separate from the mind, body, or heart, but includes everything and is a part of everything. We are then free. We can joyfully participate in the noble human task of becoming fully human, wise and compassionate without imposing our selves on the planet. We can participate in and foster a world we want to live in without becoming the problems we wish to solve.

Citta is a word in Pali that refers to consciousness, but consciousness in a broad sense, including all constituent parts of human experience. The work we offer is an exploration of the breadth and depth of the human experience, through investigation of our own minds and bodies, developing understanding and skill in living fully, and in deepening personal contact with other[s], our interpersonal relating.

This exploration is based both in contemporary science and in early teachings of Guatama, before Buddhism was considered a religion. It requires no allegiance to any religious tradition. The teachings and practice are compatible with any religious tradition - or no tradition at all. This work does require personal commitment and integrity, a willingness to take responsibility for every action, and also bears fruit in every investment we make. It is a foundation for richness in all our relationships, personal, professional, and planetary.