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Going Beyond what you Believe to be True (series title)

Going Beyond - First Steps CD
  • An introduction to meditation practices in small increments
  • Non-sectarian instructions (HTML)
  • Guided meditations (MP3)
  • Homework (PDF)
  • Opportunity to for work with a teacher (by phone or email)

With these practices we become intimate with our own immediate experience and come to see that things are not as substantial as they seem. We expand consciousness and the way we use mind, embracing happiness and contentment, making every day of life interesting and deeply satisfying.

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Some individual meditations included in the course are available for immediate download.

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Going Beyond - First Steps is the first in a series and foundational to the rest. It stands on its own as a powerful practice.

This first foundational course helps open the mind to a view of life and experience that make it possible to learn and expand consciousness. By experiencing that things as not as substantial as they seem we can step out into the adventure, into the discovery process of finding what is true and real in any circumstance.

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In addition to explorations of insubstantiality, the course provides, through discussion and guided meditations, the most basic tools for working with the mind, including: being in touch with the body and sensations, finding an anchor point or home base, and ways of skillful focusing of attention.

This is roughly the same material Mary offers in one session introductions or on the first day of a six or eight week course. But in this venue, a self-paced independent study, explore the same teachings experientially for an entire month - or longer as you wish. Come back to the course or any of its elements as needed to deepen your practice. The course is divided into 4 weekly units. Each has a twenty minute guided meditation, weekly homework, and opportunity for teacher contact.

CD-ROM cost: $14.95 - (plus $3 shipping and handling) Buy only on this website!

    About the author:

    With over 35 years of teaching experience, passionate teaching - creating supportive learning materials is inevitable. Mary Rees is creating materials to provide students with guided and independent practice to follow up on course work or reading about meditation and to integrate teachings more deeply into one's life.

    Her combined background of work with mind in the field of Learning dis Abilities, Christian contemplative experience and work as a Spiritual Director, and mindfulness and insight practice in her capacity as a meditation teacher create a matrix of experience ideal for producing a non-sectarian course useful for many purposes and varied needs.

    About the team that brought this book to press:

    Primary team members who came together to create Going Beyond include: project manager, Barbara J Pearce; technical writer, Lisa Hoover; Con Reed mastering audio files.

    About Nutshell Publications:

    Large topics in brief, Small topics in depth. This CD course is a small topic explored in great depth. The goal of Nutshell Publications is offering valuable and significant content in small and beautiful packages. Nutshell does not solicit manuscripts. We offer writings that get directly to the heart of significant themes - especially those that are valuable in enriching spiritual life and improving the quality of life for all living beings.

    Table of Contents:

    Finding the Breath and Body
    Opening to the Possibility of Insubstantiality
    Establishing Focus and Concentration
    Stabilizing Concentration and Finding Balance
    Conclusion and Evaluation

    Guided Meditations:

    Making Contact with Body and Breath
    Body Scan
    Finding an Anchor Point and Establishing Concentration
    Stabilizing Attention and Finding Balance

    What Makes Going Beyond Unique?

    There are now countless guided meditations available and several excellent meditation courses. What is unique about this series is its non-sectarian presentation that does not lose spiritual connotations, its focus on process, and its specificity.

    Not only is the course non-sectarian, the language neutral, but the teachings are focused on experience and process, not content. The student learns to discover truth and contact Reality by accessing ways of knowing above or beyond concepts and language. One becomes intelligent in much more subtle ways.

    It is a meditation course (mindfulness and insight - vipassana) designed to be useful to people working with the teachings from many different perspectives: as a spiritual practice, as personal and professional development, for physical or mental healing, in developing mind skills and mental flexibility for any purpose. It offers means of living in balance - with wisdom, compassion, and with purpose and intention, without reifying intentions or the teachings and without "buring out" or becoming part of the problem.

    As a Nutshell Publication in the category of "small topics in depth," this series provides considerable support with meditations offered in great detail, yet not in a concrete sequential form. In fact the course begins with holding everything in spaciousness and emptiness, allowing processes to unfold. After using the series to learn meditation, one can work repeatedly and more deeply with different segments of the course as needs and interests dictate.

    Book Information:

    ISBN-13: 978-0-9760036-1-8, ISBN-10: 0-9760036-1-9
    Media CD, $14.95
    Publisher: Nutshell Publications, Houston, TX

    The CD is available for purchase only through this website: Available online!

Contact Information:

For review copies of Going Beyond - First Steps: contact Nutshell Publications: 713-662-2743 or info at nutpub dot com.

Mary Rees, M.S.
Telephone: 713-662-2743
Houston, TX 77025
E-mail: info at nutpub dot com

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